2016 Harbor Safety Plan

Lower Columbia Region Harbor Safety Plan - 2016 Updated Version! (July 20, 2016)


The 2016 Harbor Safety Plan Update is available for download!

Please Note: The Lightering Guidelines have been updated since the July 2016 Meeting to reflect corrected USCG-Sector Columbia River contact information. Please download the corrected version of the plan or replace the Lightering Chapter using the links below!

Below you will find copies of all the individual chapters that have already been updated, as indicated by the highlighted date. Please update your copy accordingly.

2016 Approved Updates Available Below:


LCR HSP Anchorage Guidelines   - 2016 Edition

LCR HSP Vessels Traveling East of Ryan's Pt. - 2016 Edition

LCR HSP Navigation Practices  - 2016 Edition


LCR HSP Lightering Guidelines   - 2016 Edition ** Corrections Made to USCG Information July 2016**


LCR HSP Restricted Visibility Guidelines   - 2016 Edition


LCR HSP Towed Barge Guidelines   - 2016 Edition

USCG Sector Columbia River Dead Ship Tow Policy - 2016 Edition


LCR HSP Plan Enforcement Guidelines    - 2016 Edition


LCR HSP Bunkering Guidelines   - 2016 Edition


LCR HSP Incident Management Guidelines   - 2016 Edition


LCR HSP Aids to Navigation Guidelines   - 2016 Edition


LCR HSP Severe Weather Guidelines   - 2016 Edition


LCR HSP Small Vessels and Make Way Rule Guidelines   - 2016 Edition


LCR HSP Required Charts and Publications Guidelines   - 2016 Edition






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