• NEXT MEETING: May 10th, Port of Vancouver USA (RSVP)

  • HARBOR SAFETY PLAN: Please see the sidebar to download your copy!  We recommend all vessels traveling on our river system carry a copy of the plan on board.

  • HARBOR SAFETY PLAN FLYER: Want to learn more about the Harbor Safety Plan? Click here for a copy of the Harbor Safety Plan flyer - an introduction the the Harbor Safety Plan. 

    This flyer is intended for distribution to the entire maritime community of the Lower Columbia Region. 

  • 2016 EXTENDED  LOCK OUTAGE: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is planning an extensive lock-outage along the Columbia-Snake River System beginning in December 2016-March 2017. For further information, please visit the USACE website.

  •  CHARTER: The Lower Columbia Region Harbor Safety Committee Charter


Buoy Update:

46089, 46005, and 46029 are all offline or off station. 

May 1-7, 2017: deploy 46029 and service 46089

July 2017: complete hull exchange for 46005

Operation Maintenance Schedule can be found here


National Charting Plan

To provide feedback, click here (by June 1, 2017)

The Lower Columbia Region Harbor Safety Committee (LCRHSC) is an open forum comprised of public and private stakeholders in Oregon and SW Washington with vital interests in assuring safe navigation to protect the environment, property and personnel on the waterways within the Lower Columbia Region.

stakeholders accomplish the mission by adopting or developing appropriate standards and guidelines that address environmental and operational elements of maritime operations unique to the Lower Columbia Region.

The LCRHSC provides an inclusive, cooperative and equitable venue for
addressing waterways issues to ensure the continuation and improvement of prudent management practices for our local waterways. Throughout the process, the LCRHSC strives to ensure reliable and efficient marine transportation.



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